Remembering Christmas

The past Christmas season already seems so far away. I then remembered I still had pictures of Amsterdam from last Christmas that are just too good to pass up. I think this season marked the first time I’d seen a Christmas market in the old center. Naturally, there were cheese, cheese, and more cheese, and fresh stroopwafels!

And though it’s my favorite store in Holland, once you go Galeries Lafayette, you never go back. The Bijenkorf’s spartan Christmas decor needs to level up to the big leagues if it wants to be taken seriously as a luxury department store. Even Manila does it better.

And if ever there was ice skating in front of the Rijksmuseum in past seasons, this year was the first time I’d seen it. It was so impressive I wished I could slap on some ice skates and do my very own version of Ice Castles. Sadly, my tropical blood didn’t have the necessary balance – plus I was pretty sure my bum would be black and blue as soon as I hit the ice. The Christmas theme continued on inside the museum itself with a hanging, animated projection of a Christmas tree front and center in the lobby. Nicely done.

Only 338 days till Christmas!

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