Land Of Ice

So this is what Iceland looks like.
It was never really in my radar to do a trip to this part of the world but after living in Europe all these years, it seemed to be a destination that was both out of the way and yet so close by. Once my friend, Anthony, decided that he wanted to bring the family to see the Northern Lights, there were a few places that came up but the ultimate choice came down to this piece of rock in the middle of the Atlantic nowhere.


The land with the world’s most northerly capital looks cold, desolate, inviting, dramatic, and lonely. Strange how some people have learned to live with extremes, because that is exactly what this potentially unforgiving place is. With a population the size of a large town, I personally can’t imagine myself living here – it would just be too depressing. And to think that daylight during winter is from 11am to 3pm – coincidentally arriving in Keflavic as the sun was setting – just boggles the mind even further.
Now let’s see what this adventure brings.


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