Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was a beautiful morning in Amsterdam when we drove off to Schiphol for our next exciting adventure (though all I could think of at the time was why the hell couldn’t there be more days like these in this city). Most of my trips through Schiphol are often from Gate C which meant passing by one of the better-looking airport restaurants I’d seen anywhere. On one side was a top to bottom wall of tipple, and front and center was an iced selection of seafood that all but called out my name. With the help of friends, I finally got around to tasting the fruits of the Dutch seas — along with some celebratory bubbly.


Poseidon would have been proud. The herring, octopus, salmon, and tuna were all delicious, and after all this time I’m glad my curiosity’s finally been satisfied. It certainly was the perfect groundwork for what we were about to do next.
Onto our next adventure…


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