The Gift Of Tintin Pt 2

Santa’s been extra kind to me this year.
My little comic book collection has increased four-fold with the addition of more titles care of Teko. Seems like I’m destined to relive my high school days by reading up on Tintin’s adventures a second time around. Looking forward to getting reacquainted soon, Tintin.


The bigger surprise was when we were in Bruges and Teko just out of the blue bought me a copy of the Tintin rocket, and a large version at that!


I’d always wanted one ever since I first saw it years ago in the Brussels store. I kept thinking it would be a perfect accent piece back then, and how it would look great on our picture window shelf. More than a few times I had to let go of the idea as it was too frivolous, it wasn’t practical, and if it was meant to be, then it would be. After pining all these years, the time had finally come.

It’s heavier than it looks and, though still slightly frivolous, I love how it is and what it represents.
And not to mention that I also got some French delicacies from Pet and a Samsung Galaxy tablet from Anthony and the family.
I must really have done something good. Here’s hoping that next year’s going to be just as amazing.


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