Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Bruges is beautiful the second time around.

The first time I was here was a couple of year after meeting Teko, and as it happened we had one of our many arguments early in our relationship. After taking the train from Rotterdam, we stayed at most maybe a couple of hours before prematurely heading back home. It certainly didn’t help that the place was crawling with tourists and we couldn’t wave a waffle without hitting one.

This time around we were quite aware of our history and better behaved. The hordes of tourists were still there (even during winter!) and it took a lot of effort to even get a decent restaurant table anywhere, but we muddled through and got to see the city with new eyes. Unlike in the Colin Farrell movie though, we only admired the Belfry Tower from afar. Had to leave something else to do the next time we’re in town.


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