Merry Christmas From Paris

For one brief, shining moment the sun appeared in all its winter glory, and there was no better time nor place for a bit of outdoor skating than in front of Paris’s grand City Hall. In any other city, this would be a top attraction but in a place suffering from an embarrassment of riches, it was the first time in all four visits that I’d ever come this close to this monumental building. It certainly made an interesting backdrop for the skaters out front.


After properly walking off lunch and then some, nighttime came and we found ourselves immersed in the river of humanity that is the Champs Elysees. For some misguided reason, we opted to walk the entire length from Clemeanceau to where we were going to have our Christmas Night dinner — 2,5 kilometers away. It turned out yet to be another fun dinner marked by good service, solid food, and great company, but after several bottles of wine and champagne, foie gras and more foie gras, at the end of the night we were more than ready to call it quits. From the City of Lights, it was a Joyeux Noel and Merry Christmas indeed. Glad to be able to do these things while we still can.


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