BASTIAN’S | Düsseldorf

Now this is what I’m talking about!
We went to Dusseldorf’s old town last Sunday to visit their Christmas market and stopped off at Bastians for a late lunch. This is what I got.


It was a extra-large slice of quiche with generous slices of Serrano ham and mixed greens on the side. Not only was it delicious – it really was – and filling, it only cost 8,50 Euros.
8,50 f#@$%n’ Euros!!
That’s probably half the cost over here in Holland. Can someone please explain why that is because I would really love to know.


Given the tons of choices in and around the square, thankfully, we had my partner’s new smartphone which had the app for my go-to web site. It showed us the best restaurant in the area and certainly didn’t let us down. It was packed when we came in and despite having to wait for a table to open up, once we sat down, the service was quick and the food turned out to be a pleasant surprise. We got some goodies that looked too good to pass up from the bakery just before we went out exploring. Good to know there’s decent food to be had in Dusseldorf — all it took was a three-hour drive. ツ

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