Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I’ve only been to a few zoos in my life – the one in Washington DC (which was beautiful AND free of charge!), the one in Rotterdam (on one of our first dates here), and the one in Amsterdam (impressive but my main memory of which was how ridiculously expensive it was). I may also have been to the one in Manila but my brain seems to have decided not to remember. In another spark of spontaneity, Teko suggested we go to the biggest zoo in the country, an hour away in Arnhem. I, naturally of course, said yes.

Turned out the place was huge.


If I had to live in a zoo, this would surely be it. It’s easily the best zoo I’ve ever been to, the highlight of which was, without a doubt, the tropical biosphere. It was so nice and warm inside that my glasses and camera lens fogged up the moment we came through the tunnel doors. The lush plants, the humidity were all done impressively in simulating a jungle environment – minus the inconvenience of fatal tropical diseases. They also had a desert biosphere which may have well been a scene out of a Western movie, boulders, rattlers and all. We did see the other usual zoo creatures – elephants, rhinos, giraffes, all of whom seemed quite happy despite the frigid outdoor cold – but they were very much overshadowed by these other attractions. Burgers’ Zoo was probably just as expensive as the one in Amsterdam but this time around I found myself more than satisfied with the experience. How a city like Arnhem could have such a grand zoo is a mystery but I’m certainly glad I got to see it.

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