MCDONALD’S | Breakfast Of Chumps

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Despite my moral objections and awareness of possible health consequences, Teko and I opted to have breakfast under the golden arches last weekend. It seemed like the only good idea at the time, seeing as there isn’t an IHOP nor any roadside diner in this country. Just another reason I suppose why the U.S. is the greatest country in the world.

In any case, all that was on the tray – two McMuffins, two cheeseburgers, a croissant, a cappuccino, an apple juice, and a diet coke, plus the fries that were still being prepared – came up to a whopping 16 Euros.
16 Euros!! And we had to pay for the french fry sauce, by the way.
Similar to the U.S. where people go to McDonald’s for something fast and cheap, not counting the fact that there aren’t that many places to choose from, it’s still less expensive than other regular options. That would partly explain why the locals aren’t as overweight as Americans but to me, however, it borders on autocratic how expensive food is over here. Belachelijk! 

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