Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Fanfare (fun-fah-rè) is a famous black-and-white film from the 50s with most of it filmed in Giethoorn and the surrounding area. It also happens to be one of the better-known restaurants in this part of the country and from the looks of it seems to be suffering from a strain of ADHD. From the inside it was one giant, elegant mess.

A glass of wine usually does the trick for me but, unfortunately during lunch, Teko and I had another one of our all-too-regular disagreements, which I would be the first to admit is most of the time my fault. Ever the negative Nellie, I, more often than not, can’t keep up with his upbeat demeanor, and I can very much understand that some people have their limits. He’d reached his halfway through the meal, so we ended up canceling the rest of our order, and huffed it out of there. Thankfully, tempers settled down on the long drive home. I think it helped that I dozed off like a spoiled baby for most of it.

I’d first heard about Giethoorn from Teko many years back but for one unfortunate reason or another, we just never made it. If it wasn’t for a suggestion from a colleague at work, it wouldn’t even have crossed my mind that weekend. As it’s getting harder and harder to find places worth visiting over here, the only options left to explore are the ones that take over an hour to get to, and sad to say, given the weather in this country, not to mention our age-affected bursts of whimsy, chances are we’d rather stay home than do otherwise. Despite a little communication mishap and the ever-consistent rainy Dutch weather, I thought the village was worth the trek. In fact, I wouldn’t mind going back. With its combination of canals and bridges, it may be a bit of a stretch but I can see why it’s called Venice of the Netherlands. It does beg the question, is Venice then the Giethoorn of Italy? I wouldn’t think so.

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