Can You Teal It?

The first time in my life I owned a car was back in 2000. I lived in Washington DC and suddenly found myself employed by a company in the boonies of Maryland. It wasn’t exactly unreachable – I could take the subway and then a bus to get there – but the commute was a bit taxing and my ego couldn’t take the fact that everyone in the office could simply drive home while I had to shlep to the bus stop each time after work. Only two months after I started, I decided to get my own ride – a brand-new, black, 2-door Honda Civic. I actually liked that little car of mine. As fate would have it, I lost my job a year after, and didn’t really need a car at that point. It ended up sitting idle in a friend’s garage and it took almost a year before I could get rid of it just to break even. I’ve never owned another car since.


I don’t know if it’s in the cards but Teko got wind of a deal on a car lease from Hyundai that, given all the money that’s gone into that little money-pit of a Ford Fiesta that we currently have, nearly evened everything out. Since cars lose their value over time, leasing seemed to be a practical option, so off we went last Friday to see a man about a test drive.


I never really thought much of Korean cars but if Teko the car maestro is considering it, then it’s gotta be okay. Plus he said the car was actually made in Germany by Germans. That made it sound a bit better, but I’d rather have a nice, dependable Japanese anytime. In any case, fingers crossed I find my little bum sitting in a shiny, brand-new car in a few weeks. Preferably in teal.

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