WORK CHRONICLES | The Little Film Crew That Could

While it may be the farthest thing from my job description, I was fortunate enough to be included in a special video project at work. Despite my initial apprehensions that it would turn out to be less than stellar, luckily, I began to feel that at the end of it all that it was going to be all right. Our very last day of shooting was blessed by a rare, glorious, I-love-life kind of a day, which made being part of the project more satisfying than anything else. I don’t know if there was any rhyme or reason as to why we were chosen among our other colleagues but, thank goodness, we managed to find our own little roles in the whole production. And better yet, we all got along. 


We had amazing participation from a few people at work – no divas trying to steal the spotlight, no temperaments rearing its artistic head – and I’m quite excited to see how the final product’s going to come out. Even if I’d decided early on to not be in front of the camera, I did make a last minute decision to make a cameo at the end. I’ll have to tell my agent about that.

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