LENA | Two Decades Later

Much like seeing a pink unicorn at the end of a double rainbow during a leap year — yet another long-time friend has come a visiting to our little corner of the world.

Passing by for a quick visit was Lena, the very first member from Grossciety – my hormonal, like-mindedly lewd, high school-era group of friends – whom I’ve seen here in Europe, and someone I haven’t been with in twenty years! Truly a blast from the past. Though I went to an all-boys’ school, she was a sister to one of my peers and, not being too far in age, we hung around together. I can’t even remember the last time I saw her, it must have been in the last of my countless visits to their home in Better Living, where I for the most part just lazed around and did nothing. It felt a bit surreal seeing her as it brought back a flood of memories from high school and early college and the fact she was pretty much how I remember her – not a single wrinkle anywhere. Gotta love that Asian gene. 
So much had passed in our lives – she moved to the States, got married to Tom (whom I finally got to meet that night), went back to school, and now settled down to a life of leisure – while I took my own circuitous path, from being a young and naive teenager with absolutely no idea what laid ahead, to where I am now. It felt strange that after all that’s happened in our individual lives that we were now across from each other, with our significant others in tow, sitting in a restaurant, playing catch-up on a rainy night in Amsterdam, of all places. It was, sadly, a short reunion lasting only a few hours over dinner but, as much as I wished we could have spent more time together, in this age of facebook, I have a feeling the next time’s not too far away. Thank you for an amazing, nostalgic night, guys. Hope to see you again soon!


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