Our last few hours in Budapest finally came and since Teko kept talking about going to that island in the middle of the Danube, off we went. From where we had lunch it certainly was a trek to get there and naturally the sun decided for the most part to finally come out when we did. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt and carrying a laptop-filled backpack weren’t the best decisions that afternoon, but walk it we did and when we got there we turned to biking to cover as much ground as we could.


Though admittedly unwelcome at first, it turned out to be more manageable than I thought. It was a beautiful city park with some beautiful medieval ruins – always a sucker for old buildings – and a gigantic music fountain that, like moths to a flame, drew everyone in. The bike ride turned out to be a brilliant decision as we were able to cover everything in about an hour and without much stress. It definitely pays to have a partner with stronger legs (: Overall, I was quite happy with our trip and, despite the little bits of drama here and there, would be more than glad to come back to this city — if only for the cheap goulash.
Goodbye, Budapest! It was great knowing you.

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