Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

After the previous day’s debacle over lunch, I threw away the trip itinerary I created months ago and let the four winds take us to wherever they pleased. The night before, we had a long argument (nay, discussion) about how rigid and unyielding my agenda turned out to be and that it wasn’t making our trip fun anymore. That was the last thing I wanted to hear and, for better or worse, I vowed never to go through the same thing with my partner ever again. I was beginning to think we shouldn’t travel together at all, but quickly realized it was like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. In any case, we decided that morning to let fate rule the day, went through a lazy few hours at the hotel, checked out at noon, and wandered out on our last remaining hours in Budapest.


It was lunchtime and I wasn’t in the mood to go too far (and I think neither did Teko), so, conscious of the fact that he felt he didn’t have any say during our trip, we walked around the vicinity of the hotel and looked for a place that called out his name. If history was any indication, we usually ended up in some nondescript hole in the wall, or somewhere uninspired, or even worse at McDonald’s, but this time around not only was I pleasantly surprised by his suggestion, but also that we actually found a place we both seemed to like.

As we wandered from one block to the next, a door suddenly opened to our right and out came a man with an apron. He was getting the al fresco area ready for the lunchtime crowd. I looked at the name of the restaurant, my eyes grew wide and I couldn’t help smile a little. As we went in I asked to sit by the window where the occasional brightness streamed in, and right after sitting down I admitted that I already knew about the place from my reading and was more than happy he chose it.

We were the first customers of the day.


In picking this place, Teko may have just been placating me after our little talk the previous night but at the end of this little lunch episode, he ended up liking some and hating some others, which is more than I can say about our previous experiences. I was, on the other hand, more than satisfied and in fact thought the whole affair far superior to our Michelin event from the day before. I even told our waiter in so many words though I think he wasn’t totally getting what I meant.
It was safe to say, in my opinion at least, the best meal of the trip.


2 thoughts on “MICHELIN POSSIBLE | Borkonyha

  1. I didn't really hate anything, some things were just well.. funny. The Tongue was quite ok, but it's…. tongue. But you're right…after getting my double Mc Donalds fix this was defenitely a peace offer 😉 And as far as this being the best restaurant during our trip, I have to agree. (except ofcourse for the Subway and Mc Donalds)


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