Rating: 4 out of 5.

So this is Budapest’s Parliament, where the country’s political bigwigs go to work. It wasn’t easy to get to as we found out – it’s so popular, there are a limited number of tickets available per day, and instead of freely and leisurely walking around inside, one had to be part of a tour group.

I suppose I’d feel the same way if people kept showing up at my office.


It’s the largest building in the country though I doubt whether it’s big enough for any politician’s ego much less a whole assembly. Even so, I was glad to see that not only were the interiors well-kept – the assembly hall has gold-leafed ceilings – they were doing some serious renovation work in the large public square out front. As government buildings go, this easily ranks up there with Westminster Palace and the U.S. Capitol. Sure beats the ones in Amsterdam and Manila.


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