Rating: 4 out of 5.
According to Tripadvisor, which for better or worse is arguably one of the better sources for restaurant reviews, Hungarikum Bisztro is one of the best restaurants in the city. It would be hard to disagree. Not only was the food satisfyingly good, it was also cheap! It’s very much the food my grandmother would have made for us (if she was Hungarian, that is).
I always love it when a restaurant offers an amuse bouche – it gives the whole event a little bit more panache. And especially more so when they give away a digestif at the end of the meal, in this case some Palinka, similar to Greek ouzo. It was like drinking kerosene, but, as they say, when in Budapest… Added to the great food and ambience was the live string-instrument entertainment literally next to our table. We certainly got a lot for our money.
It was easily one of the homiest, most satisfying meals I’ve had in a while but which unfortunately, and may I add not surprisingly, my partner didn’t like at all. Too exotic, he said. It gets a bit sad and frustrating when one of us isn’t thoroughly enjoying this long-planned holiday of ours.
So wish we had more common food interests.

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