Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace | Budapest

Writing about the Gresham Palace could easily cover a week’s worth of blog entries but despite how impressive it is, even I’d get sick reading about it. Instead, I’d just like to share through images three days and three nights of my ‘palace’ life.


They say you never forget the first time, which is definitely true in this instance. This was my first time to enjoy the Four Seasons, and it certainly lived up to expectations. I wouldn’t want to wish that everyday was a Four Seasons day – like everything else that would get boring – but I do have fingers crossed the privilege happens a few more times in my life. And to cap off the experience, which world-famous celebrity should I happen to see crossing the lobby on our last day? None other than Oscar Award-winning, Halle Berry-kissing cinematic pianist Adrien Brody. He wasn’t looking much of a celebrity that time with his plain white t-shirt and droopy pants – definitely not Four Seasons attire – but hey, it’s better than a Kardashian.

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