Bridge Over Danube Waters

If not for the trees, our room facing the Danube could’ve easily had a front row view of the famous Chain Bridge. We were pretty much a hundred meters in front of the crown jewel of Budapest so it was just natural that we took a walk to burn off calories after dinner. It’s still summer but I could already feel a little bit of cold as were walking the distance. I’ve a feeling that everyone in a few days will be wearing jumpers and the less than great weather will be with us again.

And just like that, back and forth, we walked the distance over one of Europe’s more famous bridges. I couldn’t help noticing a lot of serious-looking cameras on the bridge last night, it’s really one of those things that are worth the effort to photograph.
After trying our best not to get run over by traffic on the very well-traveled Chain Bridge, we were soon back at home base. I so love the location, and how beautiful and full of character our hotel is. Time to scratch another worthy item off the bucket list.

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