WORK CHRONICLES | Rembrandt Goes Tango

Added to the endless list of activities happening in the city this (very short) summer is, of all things, tango-dancing! And what I love about working in the city center is being able to just walk out the door of our building and viola, there we were.

Once I saw the poster, I prepared myself for it for it by watching tango-dancing lessons online (thank you, YouTube) and imagining I was Antonio Banderas in Take The Lead.

It didn’t turn as artistically as I imagined but it was all good nonetheless, though I was a bit thrown off by the ballroom dancers. I can appreciate the effort thrown into it but it’s definitely too Strictly Ballroom for me.

And as always, what makes any event worthwhile isn’t so much the event itself but the company. Thankfully, I was there with a couple of work colleagues and fellow-lovers of the forbidden dance. We weren’t able to grace the dance floor that night (which made my preparation for naught) but it was fun hanging out with the ladies. Hopefully, this isn’t our last tango in Amsterdam.

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