Another Sunday morning, another spontaneous road trip. With the weather looking promising, my partner and I went to Weert to reconnect with a childhood memory.

When he was much younger, he and his family would spend a couple of weeks during the summer in a vacation park in Limburg, a two-hour long drive south of Amsterdam. Complete with swimming pools, tennis courts, lakes and forests, it was a trip down memory lane, and I could somehow relate. When I was growing up in the Philippines, nearly every summer break we would go to Baguio, a mountain city 6-8 hours drive north from Manila. Pretty sure the feeling of nostalgia is strong for him as it was for me. The last time he was here was 1995, and given the visible age of everything there, it was indeed a trip back in time. The weather turned bleak when we got there which literally dampened our visit. Thankfully, it cleared up enough for us to walk around.


And here he is in front of the bungalow cabin they used several times over the years. He says it looks absolutely the same, and given the amount of time that’s passed it still looks pretty decent. Wish we could have peeked inside but the light turned on by the doorway meant there was someone there. Almost sure they wouldn’t appreciate our trip down memory lane as much as we did.

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