Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’d always wondered how in the world an ice cream shop could afford to have a large, prime corner lot in one of the busiest tourist areas of the city. Thanks to a generous colleague, I found out how.
Magnum came into my consciousness a while back when I saw it sold in gas stations in the States and then in more places here in Europe. Not being an ice cream person, I didn’t give it much thought until about several months ago when it became a huge deal in the Philippines with its focus on social media and getting famous society people to endorse it. The tactic proved to be so successful, it became the it product of the moment and, funnily, given its price-point, somewhat of a status symbol in a country obsessed with social standing. Reminded me of the first time McDonald’s opened in Manila and those studying in private schools were fighting over who got to work there. Yes, McDonald’s. What got me even more curious was the line that consistently stretched outside the door — it’s only ice cream, and not even artisanal!


Thankfully, the queue wasn’t too long the time we were there and we got to see the whole pomp and pageantry. It turned out to be a made-to-order, ice cream ‘bar’, complete with attractive bar-tenders, and the requisite bowls of nuts. Found out later at the cashier that the store was temporary, only open for the summer. I don’t know if they’re even making money despite the steady customer stream, but I was sure they’d be wasting it if they stayed open past September. Empathetically, I heaved a sigh of relief when I heard they wouldn’t be.


And voila, the final product. All it took was a vanilla Magnum bar wrapped in classic chocolate, double dipped in more chocolate, topped with walnuts, pistachios, and almonds, and lovingly laced with even more classic chocolate. All €4 of it. It was sinfully delicious but I’m almost sure I won’t be going back for seconds…that is, if someone else paid for it, I suppose.

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