WORK CHRONICLES | Buena Suerte, Chica

One of my colleagues is leaving with her boyfriend for a new life in far-away Canada. Here she is having her final bites of lunch at the cafeteria.


And here we are celebrating her last Friday social…ever!  


I can relate to her desire to live life and see the world, so I totally understand where she’s coming from. She was one of the first people I met when I started working for the company last year, and thought she was the nicest person. When I discovered she did a six-month stint with an NGO in the Philippines just before she came to the Netherlands, I liked her immediately. Anyone who takes time off from life to share some of it with the less privileged is tops in my book. My hats off to you, Marta, and I’ll miss you and your gorgeous Spanish smile! I’m sure a lot of the others will, as well.

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