So who is Spinoza? Apparently, he was a Dutch philosopher who was around during the 17th century. He was so great a thinker that he has a nice, imposing statue in a busy part of the city. I’m guessing he liked birds.

2 thoughts on “SPINOZA STATUE | Amsterdam

  1. Only three lines today? Ok, I really have to intervene now. Here's the revised blog entry for today; “As I wondered past the Stopera (A combination of both an Operabuilding and the Cityhall) I couldn't help but to notice this statue of a man, draped with birds. It turned out to be Spinoza; a famous (Well in Holland anyway) philosopher who lived in the 17th century. The funny thing with downtown Amsterdam is that there aren't that many statues, and most of them represent historical characters who shaped the Dutch cultural history. Where in other cities it's not uncommen that heads of state, war heroes or generals outnumber any other category. Of all the statues, in downtown Amsterdam there's really only one of Queen Wilhelmina that fits in this category. All the others are singers, writers, philophosers, painters etc etc. Anyway, back to Spinoza; I couldn't help but to wonder if this man, as one of the first 'rationalists' of philosophy could really agree with the way he was depicted here…. But don't worry Baruch, there is a much more flattering statue of you in The Hague”


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