De Oranjerie | Doorn

The Oranjerie used to be a guesthouse for the main Huis Doorn mansion. The ever practical Dutch who are experts in adaptive reuse have turned it into a restaurant where we had some monarch-worthy apple pie. Love the chocolate crowns. Checking on the history of the place, amazingly, it doesn’t show it’s age as it was apparently built in 1780. Though a little bit old-school, the place looked really nice inside and out.

To be honest, I was initially hesitant to go there as I wanted to go to the restaurant outside on the main road instead – that one looked far more cozy. Contrary to what my partner wanted, I wasn’t in the mood to spend money on what looked like another boring restaurant. Probably due to swelling hunger, I was increasingly feeling irritated just sitting in the Oranjerie, which I think my partner eventually noticed. We ended up going to both!

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