MOLTON BROWN | The Price of Beauty

Feeling beautiful certainly has its price. My partner was extremely gracious and offered to bike over to the one and only place in the city that sold my seemingly rare body wash. In any other major city, it would be available in most department stores – just goes to show how much of a village it is here. Interesting was when my partner, who had biked to the store wearing a ratty shirt and paint-splattered shorts, walked into the chichi store, instantly felt out of place as the ‘spa’ looked like a museum, staff noses hanging way up in the air. He immediately felt they wanted him out there as soon as they could. Good thing he has such a good nature and just shrugged off the less than stellar treatment. If I were there, there’s no telling what would’ve happened.
Thank you, schat! Like Molton Brown, you make me feel good inside.

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