I chanced upon the CEO of our company in the elevator once and for the life of me, I didn’t have a single word to say. I was torn. Since the last thing I’d want to be is a brown noser, I wasn’t sure I should say anything at all. Somewhat pathetically, I started giving out these barely audible sighing noises just to fill the void while also feeling it was one of those elevator pitch situations I’d heard about from countless business shows. In this case it was only a five-storey building so the trip didn’t last more than a few seconds, and at the end of it I couldn’t help but feel sheepishly unprepared, wanting to slap myself silly thinking I’d missed an opportunity somehow. From what I’d seen and heard so far, the CEO seemed to be a happy, approachable guy, so hopefully another chance comes up again…and with luck not in an elevator.

It’s pretty rare to find a place of work where no one rubbed me the wrong way or where there’s a toxic, power-tripping boss at the top of the totem pole. In my twenty years of working, I’ve always had one or the other, a factor no doubt to my sunny disposition, so it’s refreshing to find a place, after all the many jobs I’ve had, where none of these things exist. I’m still in that frame of mind where I’m just happy to be employed, so it’s doubly satisfying to come to work knowing it’s a place I’m quite happy to be in. Just need to make sure I get to stay a while.

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