VONDELPARK 2013 | Amsterdam

The stars aligned as the sun shone bright last Sunday when we went to Vondelpark to get a dose of Vitamin D, along with the mass of humanity that converged that day. In reality, even with the park teeming with people, it didn’t feel crowded at all. It reminded me of that final scene in Mission Impossible 2 when Tom Cruise walked through the crowded park in Sydney to meet Thandi Newton, or that opening scene when Richard Gere walked through Central Park in Autumn in New York. It was all good.


Like a siren call, hundreds of people gathered in the open-air theatre to be entertained by some live Afro-Caribbean music. And amazingly it was free!
As I later found out, the performer was from Curacao, a Dutch colony not too long ago, so unsurprisingly she spoke pretty good Dutch. The music was quite good and a pleasure to listen to – very Sergio Mendes – but sad to say, we didn’t stay too long as there were no seats left and we didn’t feel like standing for the duration. It was my first time to experience the open-air theatre and I felt lucky that I did. Makes the short summers over here a lot more worthwhile.


Despite my initial apprehensions, I’m glad my partner dragged me out to Vondelpark. It was just too beautiful a day not to enjoy that all-too-rare perfect Sunday weather.

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