We All Trekked To Utrecht

My partner and his bff’s (and yours truly) got together for a rare night out in the town in Utrecht. The venue happened to be by a canal that’s over a thousand years old. Pretty cool.

Us Amsterdam folk (and one Rotterdammer) trekked all the way there for the yearly MidZomerGracht (literally, Midsummer Canal) Festival which celebrates sexual diversity. Didn’t see any transgender folk but the crowd was a good mix of straight and gay peeps. The festival was a bit on the cozy side but it more than made up for it with some great reggae(!) and swinging salsa(!!) music — sung live! I haven’t heard salsa music in forever – and thankfully they were quite good. Their performance stage was on top of a bridge that goes back to the 1300s and which amazingly is not only still standing but also very much in use. The guy on stage wearing a suit and a some bling around his neck just happened to be the mayor.

And introducing the Fab Four, also known as the Dutch cast of Sex and the City. Free hug to who can guess which one Samantha is.

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