Nooitgedagt | Harlingen

We were in Harlingen from the afternoon till early evening, long enough to schedule an early dinner courtesy of Pet who wanted to treat us out to celebrate my recent birthday. Thank you, Pet! You’re such a sweetheart. We were able to grab a table at the best restaurant in town, Nooitgedagt, a cozy and spacious eetcafé along the busy Voorstraat where the street festival was happening. The food was great, but it was nothing compared to the company.


We sat on a long table near the center of the room and, unlike most Dutch restaurants that try to cram people in, we sat comfortably and had a leisurely dinner.

Three of us got the spareribs which turned out so good the fourth one who’d ordered pork tenderloin wished he’d ordered the same thing.

I was the fourth one.


Desserts followed and then a final aperitif by the outdoor sitting area. It was all quite indulgent, satisfying and a perfect end to our surprising Harlingen adventure. We really couldn’t have asked for a better day as the weather was as good as it could get, we got a peek into a rich man’s world, and had a great time in a happening town with good friends. Life can be so sweet sometimes.

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