I’ll Drink To That

My fellow new-hires and myself (along with an appearance from Delphine!) happily made it through our one month probation and celebrated with drinks at one of my favorite watering holes this side of Holland. Our small group was pretty much a mini-U.N. represented by Bosnia, Finland, Italy, France, Philippines and U.S.A. And we all got along!

Despite the chilly weather, all the tables were full on the Amstel-side terrace with lots of boats streaming along, chugging in and out. Lots of celebrating seemed to be happening on the water as well – it was a Friday after all.

This may be true for the others as well but as for me, I heaved a sigh of relief that I at least have eleven months of finances to fall back on. That’ll certainly help in fulfilling a dream or two.
Strangely (or maybe not), even in the middle of June, we were still wearing jackets and scarves. The sun did finally come out around 8 p.m. but I’m sure everyone would have appreciated it earlier — like April. The things we have to put up with sometimes.

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