Movie Overload

Aah, the wonders of this thing called the internet. Spent nearly the entire day on Sunday getting caught up on the latest Hollywood blockbusters. And all I needed was to walk a few meters to the laptop on my couch wearing just a ratty shirt and my comfy jammies.

After reading about it only several days ago, surprise surprise I was able to enjoy the newly-released Now You See Me – and it wasn’t even playing in Amsterdam yet. Now who says only good-looking guys make it in Hollywood. After The Social Network, looks like Jesse Eisenberg is in this as well, and good for him. Entertaining movie, made me wish the magic did turn out to be real in the end.

The scifi fan that I am, I was this close to nirvana after seeing the latest Star Trek. Now that’s a summer blockbuster. Much as I wanted to see it in IMAX, this was a good enough substitute (though it did make me miss the States again). It’s interesting that it’s anybody’s game at this point just because JJ Abrams played with time travel – voila, a whole new mythology full of possibilities. And to think that Leonard Nimoy made an appearance in this one again! William Shatner has got to be livid. Wonder what they’ll do for the next film. Borg?

And after all these months, was finally able to see Les Miserables, a film I’d been excited about long before it came out, only to keep on delaying and delaying till it was too late and its run had ended. Sad to say, Russell Crowe was the anchor dragging this musical boat. When he sang Javert’s signature song, it absolutely ruined it for me. No gravitas, and a voice clearly no match for the role. I could sing circles around his version of Stars, and I’m not even a professional.

I may just make this a Sunday tradition but with a little more moderation. I might just see what Tom Cruise and Bradley Cooper are up to next week.

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