My First Pylones

Over the years, I kept seeing them in the design department of my favorite Bijenkorf, but never did give much thought to who made them. At first sight, I was quickly taken in by the humor (which of course came with a higher price) that got fused into common household stuff. I only realized who the maker was when I tagged along with some friends to Paris this year and got introduced to the wonderful, creative universe that is Pylones.

It’s sheer luck I was able to get these at all because under normal circumstances my partner would absolutely put his foot down and say no. The only reason he gave in was for one reason and one reason alone – it was my birthday. I try to be an accommodating partner in this relationship as much as I can but whenever I look at our soulless kitchen, it’s all I can do to control myself and try to put some life into it. In any case, it’s not like they’re going to be a permanent fixture. If there’s such a thing as fast fashion, this would most certainly fall under the category of fast art. So don’t worry, schatje, my first will also be my last – there won’t be any more strange wonders coming from the house of Pylones.

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