Rating: 4 out of 5.

On my special day yesterday, my partner surprised me after work and showed up at the door to my building. I was relieved he did this because he’d barely said anything to me that morning, not a single peep about my birthday. Not that I was expecting breakfast in bed but at least a birthday greeting would have been nice. In any case, he redeemed himself later in the day and rather than going out to dinner to celebrate, as most normal people would do, I decided to just go shopping. Because the joy lasts longer.

On the way there I noticed it is now shorts season.
We ended up at my favorite Bijenkorf and began with some celebratory cake in the top floor’s outdoor terrace. It was close to 7 p.m. when we did and the sun was still blazing. It was one of those life-is-beautiful moments and it felt great.

And topped it off with some top of the line Coca-Cola. Don’t know what Marc Jacobs has anything to do with carbonated sodas but he was able to parlay his star power into collaborating on a special project with Coke, apparently. It’s gotta be special if a teeny-tiny bottle ends up somehow costing €3 (about US$4 or PH₱150). Didn’t taste any different but I felt unusually better after drinking it.
Not really. Gotta try it at least once though, right.
As expected it was all pretty low key. Hopefully if things work out, in twelve months it’ll be a bit more on this side of fabulous. Marc Jacobs fabulous.


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