A year ago today, I was an unemployed homebody waiting for that destined job opportunity to come across my computer screen. A little deflated and a lot wanting back then. Twelve months later, I’m another year wiser, miracle of miracles gainfully employed, and now in the habit of using anti-wrinkle cream everyday.
It’s sure to be another simple (meaning non-) commemoration of a milestone as this time of year has pretty much become a non-event at this point. Happy to see though that the weather is finally what it should be. T-shirt weather’s finally arrived and everyone I know is heaving a huge sigh of relief (and putting the top down on their convertibles if they have it). I’d like to think that’s a fine birthday gift that only mother nature can give out. I am blessed.

7 thoughts on “4T4

  1. Schat, as much as I'd like to think I'm Dorian Gray or an unknown castmember of Twilight, I've stopped pretending years ago that I'm ageless. But thanks for keeping the faith! xoxo


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