Add Another To The List

Was doing research on the Galapagos Islands  – how to get there, what to do, what the damage is, etc. – because after being unemployed for months and coming this close to bankruptcy, there’s just no better way to pass the time than to think of spending money I don’t have – and in doing so found out that I had to first go to Quito. I have to admit that for the longest time South America held little attraction to me because I always thought it more as an extension of Europe and in essence less ‘authentic’ as a destination. Also, there were too many commonalities with the Philippines in terms of its hispanic background that I didn’t consider there would be much more to it.
Well, my few years here in Europe have certainly mellowed me to those ideas, even more so after my trip to Peru several years ago. The continent’s proven to be a very attractive place to go to, and I now wish I’d made time to go when I was still living in the States. It would have been so much easier.
In the course of my ‘research’ it was inevitable that I’d come across one of the best-looking old world hotels I’d seen in a while…

Reminds me of the Hotel Monasterio in Cusco, historic and just as beautiful. I was blown away. It looks like it’s got the perfect location in Quito, which itself looks fantastic in pictures. I guess I have yet a couple more place to add to my ever-growing bucket list.

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