Live A Little

Oh my gosh, America. When will you realize that there’s more to life than work

Weather aside, if there’s one thing that makes me prefer living and working in Europe is the fact that people here know the importance of personal well-being, and actually do something about it. While they may not abide by that very American work-hard-and-play-harder mindset, it’s because there simply is no need to. I’ve seen that in many cases, the work that people here do is what they study for and want to do anyway, which in effect makes it seem more a calling than ‘work’. Moreover, entry-level people get a minimum 26 days(!) paid time-off which means they have tremendously more opportunities to ‘get away from it all’ without the consequent feeling that the next holiday is too far off.
Having gotten used to the American model (because I didn’t know any better at the time), I figured then that Europeans were just being lazy, but after living here for several years, and realizing that life is just too short not to be enjoyed, I now can’t help but wave my finger at the States. Come on, America, lighten up and enjoy yourself a little…or a lot.

2 thoughts on “Live A Little

  1. Kaya naman I always enjoy going to your part of the world 🙂 Enjoy knows just how to relax, slow down and take it in. Sa lugar ni Uncle Sam, napapagod lang ako sa kakahabol ng oras 😦


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