Oh Little Town Of Hoofddorp

In our pursuit of more home improvement, we ventured into the unexciting town of Hoofddorp to see a local lighting store. In all my years here, I’ve only ever known Hoofddorp as a stop on the train past Schiphol and nothing else. Everything that is now Hoofddorp was underwater until 160 years ago so in term of history, there’s practically none. There was never a reason for me to go there nor to know more about it, until now that is.

We ended up in the main commercial area which seemed to have been stuck in the 80s. It was pretty lively that day with a mini-concert in the open plaza and even more entertainment in the covered shopping street.

We didn’t stay long.

It turned out to be a bust though I did get to see a really cool tree. At the end of the day, at least I can honestly say I’ve been there, whatever there was.

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