I’ve Seen The Light

The development of the home front continues. We paid another visit to the Bijenkorf home section and the Arena Woonmall for some inspiration and light fixture-hunting. It was time to replace some of the IKEA-level (cringe) installations in our humble flat; it was finally time to upgrade from the mediocre.

We bought three different lighting solutions, two of which required bringing out my DIY alter-ego.  After two long years, our hallway has finally seen the light; we settled on a glass hanging lamp that cost a pretty penny. I soon discovered the ambivalence of installing a glass ceiling light fixture – it certainly brought a lot of fulfillment and satisfaction however it also came with a ton of lingering anxiety – I couldn’t help but think it would come crashing to a thousand pieces on the hard tile floor. The other fixture, which was far easier to install but still required some heavy-duty equipment, went into the kitchen.
Let me just say, installing ceiling lights is a b*tch! It’s times like these when I miss living in the Philippines where electricians cost maybe 100 pesos a day rather than over here at 100 euros an hour! By the end of it all, a fair amount of drilling, screwing, and cursing were done.

Still a lot of work left but we’re slowly getting there. Sadly, the hazards of ‘doing-it-myself’ became apparent as one of the lighting wires sparked and caused the kitchen and some other parts to lose power. Despite fiddling with the fusebox (which is so modern there are no longer any fuses), it looks like we’ll end up needing the services of a professional electrician after all. Given how much they charge, we’ll be sure to lose an arm and a leg. Oh, well. At least, I didn’t get electrocuted.

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