I Work Therefore I Am Part 2

It wasn’t just one of those days. After four months and 13 days of mainly sitting on my ass at home, carving a concave impression on the left side of our couch, the tedium interrupted by a couple of fortuitous out of town trips and occasional friend visits, the time finally came for me to get back to work. It had to come sooner or later I thought, though I was beginning to dread it was going to be more the latter – the uncertainty certainly was slowly eating me up inside. It was strange to think that with nearly half the year already over, this was the first day this year that I was again working. The first day this year that I am once again employed. It wasn’t just another Monday, and it couldn’t have gone any better.

It was deja vu all over again the moment I woke up at quarter to seven, showered, shaved and got on the tram to work. I felt a bit of a rush while telling the lobby receptionist it was my first day that day. I couldn’t help but smile. Had a happy reunion with some former co-workers and felt the love. It was great to see them again after confidently exclaiming I’d be back four and a half months earlier. Was able to meet fellow newly-hired colleagues who all seemed to be a nice bunch. While they were seeing the company with new eyes, I felt like a prodigal son coming back to his parent’s house – a little sheepish but also feeling relieved and wanted. Was able to see the old place through my own lens and discovered that our cafeteria’s been turned into a mini art gallery of sorts. Gotta love this company.

From the same fifth floor cafeteria, I was able to view the skyline once again, the same one I’d watched and daydreamed over every workday during lunch, the same one I’d hoped I’d see once more.
Dreary weather aside, seeing it again reminded me what I’d been wishing for a long time. And that it came true. It feels good to belong to something again.

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