Côte Ouest Café Restaurant

Here’s yet another difference between Amsterdam and Paris.
For lunch, Pet wanted to see what the city offered in terms of good French food, more specifically, she was in the mood for some all-famous foie gras. Even with the help of my other friend, Google, the answer seemed to be found nowhere – aside from the high-end restaurants (which were only open for dinner — lame!), I couldn’t come up with where to get them at all. Fattened liver aside I remember a French friend telling me a while back about a cafe in the city center that served really good French food. And fortunately they were open for lunch! So off we went to the ‘West Coast‘.

There wasn’t much to the simple two-page a la carte so we opted instead for the set lunch menu, hoping it would be at least passable to the sophisticated taste buds of my till recently France-resident friend. The soup of the day turned out to be white asparagus, and she got what looked like a Salad Lyonnaise. These were followed by baked sole with fries and a beef stew, then for dessert some typically French creme brulee. Happy to report that she found it all quite delicious. Whew! Looks like Amsterdam passed the test this time.

In a way I suppose living in a small city does have its perks. Instead of the overabundance found in cities like Paris, where it’s sometimes a pain to decide a place to eat (heaven help us if we all should have first world problems like that), at least here it’s easier to decide where to go should the desire strike. But like I’ve said before, good food (and there are some to be found here) can only go so far. It’s trumped anytime and anywhere by good company.
By sheer fate, who else should be in Amsterdam but Pet’s vivacious friend, Sha. Originally from Malaysia, she’s been living in the Netherlands with her Dutch spouse and pretty daughter for seven years now. For twelve years she and Pet hadn’t seen each other and so it was a happy reunion in Amsterdam, of all places. After some continuous laughs and catching-up, sad to say it was over before they knew it.
Hope you enjoyed your Amsterdam weekend, Pet! So glad you’re in my neck of the woods. We’ll have to all meet up for some Malaysian sometime soon.

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