DE RIJKSMUSEUM 2013 | Amsterdam

Another guest, another visit to the Rijks! Even if I clicked my camera like a maniac the last time I was there (just over a week ago!), we actually overlooked a lot and didn’t even get to cover half of the new spaces. Too many people meant we missed wings and entire floors altogether. We remedied that this time around. 


I have to say, this place must surely be breaking attendance records. We went there before opening time on a Saturday and I can understand it’s tourist season and it’s a weekend but really, taking an hour to line up, then lining up again to buy a ticket, another line for coat checks, and finally another line to actually get into the exhibit halls is just short of overkill. And it’s not even summer, yet! Don’t have any other friends scheduled to visit anytime soon so hopefully I won’t be back until the maybe the start of winter. Whew!


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