Bird Thais Restaurant

One of the top Thai restaurants in the city has a lighting problem. Or maybe it’s just an added reason for me to start saving up for a better camera.

We were in the vicinity of Central Station and my visiting host-guest, Pet, was in the mood for Asian. How convenient was it that Chinatown was only a few minutes’ walk away. Chinatown is actually more alley than town but there were at least a couple of places that came recommended. One was a Chinese place specializing in duck, and the other was a Thai place which I had yet to try. The Thais won this round.

We both got the lunch menu and were told to expect a lot of food. We were both hungry so we didn’t think much of it, plus this is Amsterdam, so a lot of food normally means it’s just a little bit more than a single serving. Turns out we overestimated our appetite as most of the rice, noodles, and veggies went uneaten. It’s moments like these when I wish doggie bags weren’t so uncommon in this country.

The Tom Ka Kai (coconut soup with chicken filet) was so good, I would’ve been happy with just that and a bowl of rice. We also had another chicken dish and it was good, though just a tad salty. Could be their specialty is chicken and the reason why the restaurant is named Bird. Or it could be the owner just wanted to give everyone the ‘bird’ so to speak, but that would have been too prosaically literal. In any case, with Thai restaurants in Amsterdam for the most part a bit lacking, it was a great first impression, and in my eyes a good reputation justified.
Thank you, Pet! We should do this more often (:

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