Rating: 4 out of 5.

The new friend I made in Paris the last time I was there is happily in Amsterdam for a quickie weekend visit. Thankfully, after many years (well, two and a half) and innumerable visiting friends (meaning, a handful), my vast knowledge of and unlimited experience in the city came in handy.

For the first item of her stay, I thought it nice to cross the river to the northern part of Amsterdam Town and have a quick cup of caffeine courtesy of the Eye Film Museum. It was intermittently cloudy and sunny that morning, but the wind was still brisk and borderline frigid. A good, hot cup of cappuccino was definitely called for.


My friend, Pet, who’s now based in Steenwijk, here in the Netherlands (yay!), recently moved from the ideally sunny climes of southern France. Given that we’re still wearing winter clothing in the middle of May, I surely hope she’s not regretting the decision. I’m afraid I’m not helping the situation any because, as much tongue-biting as I do, I now and again couldn’t help but bring up the weather shortcomings over here.
In any case, welcome to the Netherlands, Pet! We’ll try to make your stay as warm as possible.

2 thoughts on “RESTAURANT EYE | Amsterdam

  1. At least it was sunny 🙂 And you were able to enjoy the view from outside. Oh well, enough reason for us to come back…


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