Back To The Real World

Since the beginning of this year, I’d been living it one day, one weekend, one friend-visit at a time. In these past four and a half months I’ve had a lot of expectedly slow days and luckily a few exceptionally exciting ones. I’ve had many guilt-ridden, unproductive mornings while surfing the net; many late, lazy lunches while watching U.S. morning TV; took more than my fair share of afternoon siestas; wasted time till my partner came home from a long day’s work; and for the rest of the day tried maintaining a sunny demeanor even while consequently feeling a bit low. The few opportunities that popped up on the job front seemed to lead to boilerplate rejections or just plainly nowhere. Thankfully and finally, albeit in true photo-finish manner, fate finally dealt me a good hand.

I am back as a productive member of human society…Woohoo!!!

After a couple of failed and dispiriting attempts, the third time proved to be the charm. Not only am I going to be working again but I’m fortunate to be reporting back to the same company I last worked for, and in a better-paying role at that. I’ll be saying hello again to working in the city center, to my occasional morning splurges of large caffe mochas, to free daily lunches, and to the friendliest bunch of colleagues I’ve had the pleasure to know.

It was just two days ago when I was informed that I can start on Monday if I wanted, which of course I said I would. So what I now consider my extended weekend vacation a/k/a my pre-pension semi-retirement will soon become a blip in history – it’s time to get back into the real world once again. Time to start earning some moolah, and start hatching plans to get a little bit more out of life. The question now is…will it be Prague or Vienna? Or why not both. After all, it’s safe to dream again (:

8 thoughts on “Back To The Real World

  1. Eastern Europe sounds very inviting. But let me remind you, you're not allowed to go on vacation leave for the first 6 months on the job 🙂 Lagot na.


  2. Thanks, Lisa! I got a one year contract with the first month as probationary period. Fingers crossed! In any case, it feels great to being productive again, like a heavy burden lifted. (:


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