And we’re back! It was finally the season to get some blooms from the garden center and put some color in our little balcony.  So many to choose from but the perfect couple that we are, we couldn’t agree at all on what to get. He was happy with just about everything while I was a bit more particular preferring something more special and that would last the whole season. Nothing really called out my name but we finally made do with a few things and got out of there before it got terribly crowded. 


My one concession was a plant that my partner wanted for his study room. I told him, a bit hesitatingly, ‘since it’s your room, you can choose whatever you want’, at the same time hoping I would end up liking what he chose, knock on wood.I should have knocked till my knuckles bled as he decided on a type of tropical fern – which was about as common as it got since I pretty much grew up surrounded by them in Manila. Oh, well, I guess Kermit was right all along…


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