Stupid Scammers

So one day last March, what should I see in my inbox but the following e-mail…

Really, Yahoo Safety 2013? I knew then and there it was a scam but my curiosity got the better of me so I clicked on the link to find out what would happen exactly. I was then directed to the following page…

I was both impressed and appalled. The details and set-up could very well pass as a Yahoo log-in page. When I clicked on any of the links on the page, I actually got directed to real Yahoo page sites! What got me furious though was the thought that so long as the scammers kept on sending this out, eventually someone somewhere would fall for it.
Naturally, I noticed the domain name wasn’t Yahoo so I went to their homepage and found this…

If only I could wave my hand and make these fraudsters disappear. If only.

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