Monte Pelmo Ice Cream

The outdoor terrace at L’Invite de Restaurant, a French restaurant that looks like it’s worth a try
Jordaan really is the one of the most atmospheric places in Amsterdam. When the weather’s nice, a long walk through and around the area is the right remedy for the senses.

While walking around, we chanced upon this line for Italian ice cream. My friend, Delphine, said this was the best ice cream in the city which I took as a challenge to see if it was true or not. I suddenly found myself feeling like a hobbit at the back of this freakishly tall woman while waiting for my turn.

After trying just one flavor, my favorite pistachio, I think my friend may be on to something. It was finger-lickin’ good (and surprisingly cheaper than Berthillion).

What better to cap off the day than with a drink on a floating barge along the Prinsengracht.
It really was beautiful mid-April day. 22 degrees beautiful and the first time this year the temps hit the twenties.
Enjoying a drink on the Prinsengracht

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