CAFÉ LOUTER | Amsterdam

It was a near-perfect day for a nice, quiet Sunday lunch at Cafe Louter with one of my Amsterdam friends. Typical of the schizophrenic weather over here, we were first seated in the sunny, outdoor area and were about to begin eating – until we started feeling drops of rain! Thankfully, we made a quick dash inside where we had a quiet corner all to ourselves.

Had a pretty decent (and organic!) burger and fries, and some nice catching up on that slow and easy Sunday. Delphine is actually one of the few people I’ve kept in touch with from where I last worked, and am thankful I did because she paid for lunch. (:


Merci, Delphine! Always great to see you. Once (or should I say ‘if’) I’m back there, the next one’s on me. (You got photobombed, by the way.)

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