Dinner With The In-Laws

It’s not often my partner and I go out to dinner, much less on a weekend night, but when we got an invite from his folks for a recent Friday evening, it was a no-brainer. And since the last time we all saw each other was last January in Florida, it was just about time. The venue – his dad’s favorite Chinese restaurant, the Gouden Kom, in Maassluis town, about an hour’s drive from Amsterdam.

Now, Maassluis is not a big town. It’s about as big as an average barangay in the Philippines. Given that, I was wondering how a restaurant, especially a Chinese restaurant, would fare. Surprisingly, they were doing good business that night. The white linen tables and Chinese deluxe decor were a nice touch.

The only restaurant in my neighborhood that I like happens to be this Cantonese place that serves the purest, best pan-fried pork. Coupled with steamed white rice, it’s one of the few dishes here where my mouth waters just thinking about it. In general though, Chinese food in the Netherlands seems to have morphed into an amalgam of Indonesian, Surinamese, and even Dutch to a point it’s almost unrecognizable.
I’m glad there are places like the Gouden Kom because despite the watered down cuisine, it gives everyone, especially in small towns like Maassluis, the option to go beyond the usual meat and potatoes typical for this part of the world.
The dinner we had that night was delicious so as hard-pressed as I am to call it Chinese, I’ll take it any old day. But hold the ice cream sundae please — us Asians can’t really handle the lactose.

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